Burpee or burpee is one of the main movements for the general physical training of an athlete. It came to CrossFit from athletics and army training, and then it spread everywhere. Burpees are done in weight loss marathons, and in group fitness classes. Individual coaches start or end strength training with them. And many make their own “entertainment” from burpees for the hardy – they compete in the number of repetitions performed per day. There would even be such a famous challenge on Instagram. How to do burpees correctly, and most importantly – how much to do to strengthen muscles and burn fat.

Execution technique

Execution technique

Initial position

  • Burpee is performed from a straight stand;
  • We stand with the feet under the pelvic bones, knees are straightened;
  • The back should be straight, the stomach should be tightened;
  • The back of the head must be pulled up


  • We lean forward, touch the floor with our palms;
  • Hands shoulder width apart;
  • Palms under the shoulders;
  • With a jump, we throw our legs back;
  • We perform push-ups, until the chest touches the floor;
  • Fully straighten your arms at the elbows;
  • We tighten the stomach;
  • We tighten the quads of the hips;
  • With a jump we bring the feet to the shoulders;
  • Straighten up;
  • We jump up;
  • In CrossFit and Functional All-Around, the athlete also claps the palms over his head to signal the referee to end the rep.


  1. The exercise is considered difficult and requires good functional preparation. Beginners should do it carefully. You can start with the option without push-ups – lowering and jumping into the bar, and returning back;
  2. The second level of difficulty – burpee with push-ups from the knees;
  3. The simplest is lightweight burpees with strides in the bar, push-ups from the knee, and return in steps, without jumping;
  4. The movement needs to be trained gradually, and they start with the most difficult options available, and then they make simplified ones.


  • Speed ​​burpees, which are performed as an element of the competitive program in crossfit and functional all-around, are not done with lowering the body into push-ups, but with a fall, which is slightly slowed down by the arms and hips;
  • A slower and more “strength” version with a clean and high-quality push-up is recommended for people who seek to gain from exercise not only endurance, but also strength.

Parsing the exercise

What muscles work

What muscles work

Burpee is one of the few movements that develop strength and endurance at the same time. The exercise allows you to shift the focus anywhere. For those who need to load their hips and buttocks, more intense jumps from the squats are recommended. Those who need to load their arms and shoulder girdle need more accentuated push-up work.

The movement is suitable for strength training and endurance training. If we are talking about endurance training, then the exercise is performed at a fast pace, possibly with a fall to the floor, or in part of the amplitude. When it comes to burpees as part of strength training, you need to focus on the quality of push-ups and jump height. A good jump out of the squat can also be enough to load the legs.

The benefits of burpee

They say that if there is only one exercise left, the athlete should choose a burpee. Indeed, movement strengthens the muscles of the whole body and develops the cardiovascular system. Often in long-distance running or trail running, only this movement is left as GPP so as not to overload the body. But athletes get enough stress, even performing just one exercise.

Exercise can help both burn more calories per strength and strengthen muscles as part of a workout without equipment. Burpee not only develops strength, endurance and flexibility, but agility as well – a quality that rarely develops as part of regular fitness training.

This is one of the so-called metabolic exercises, that is, movements that help speed up the metabolism. Burpees burn fat well, strengthen muscles, and promote weight loss. There is also a popular saying on the topic of this exercise – a person can do with just one exercise if he wants to lose weight, and this is burpee.

Oddly enough, but this is one of the few exercises that develop running speed in addition to running itself. This is why speed burpees are so often included in athletics programs.

Burpee helps you lose weight without a gym or diet. Exercise burns up to 10 kcal per minute, so if you jump them in cycles, for example, 20 sets at the beginning of each minute for 12 minutes, you can replace classic cardio training.

It is difficult to imagine the main fitness trend of the last children without burpees, namely, high-intensity interval training. Burpees work great for those looking to burn fat and for those who need to strengthen their muscles. They also save time. After all, time is the most important resource for domestic athletes.

In addition to such obvious bonuses, there are also “invisible” burpees, but they are also very important. In particular, movement helps to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, relieves stress, and helps to get rid of nervous tension and physical inactivity.