BCAA Mega Caps 1100 is a complex with a high concentration of essential amino acids. The supplement is manufactured by Olimp and comes in capsules. Sports nutrition is intended for athletes looking to build muscle. It allows you to significantly increase strength indicators, normalize and accelerate recovery processes after intense training, as well as suppress catabolism, which prevents an increase in muscle volume. BCAA complex capsules can be classified as a universal sports nutrition. It is suitable not only for the phase of gaining muscle mass, but also for drying.

The additive has many benefits. It has an affordable cost, an easy-to-take form (capsule), and does not contain unnecessary chemicals. The ratio of amino acids in sports nutrition is 2: 1: 1. Studies show that BCAAs increase the effectiveness of other sports supplements used by up to 40%. This leads to the fact that most athletes use this complex along with other sports nutrition.


One serving of Amino Acid Supplement is 3 capsules containing:

  • leucine – 1.65 g;
  • vitamin B16 – 0.7 mg;
  • isoleucine and valine – 0.83 g each.

The ratio of amino acids from the BCAA complex is 2: 1: 1. This dosage is considered the most effective1 and optimal. Another important point to pay attention to is the form of release – capsules. The preparation contains no flavors and food sweeteners. This is an undeniable advantage for the athlete’s body.

How to take Olimp BCAA Mega Caps

It is recommended to use sports nutrition three times a day, one serving, which is three pills. For the first time, the amino acid supplement must be taken in the morning, then one hour before the workout itself, and only then after physical exertion.

Athletes weighing more than 100 kilograms can increase the daily allowance to 15 or even 16 capsules, but in this case it becomes much more convenient to take the amino acid complex in powder form. This allows the substance to be added to a protein shake or other beverage. Thus, for athletes with a large mass, BCAA Xplode , which is also produced by Olimp, is more suitable .

Mega Caps enhances the effectiveness of other sports supplements. Experienced athletes take this complex along with the following sports food:

  • creatine, gainers, protein for gaining muscle mass and improving strength indicators;
  • fat burners or L-carnitine in cases where the goal of the athlete is to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass and increasing the relief.

BCAA Mega Caps Amino Acid Supplement is completely safe. No side effects. The main thing is to pay attention to the expiration date and purchase a sports food from a trusted supplier. The complex is allowed to be taken on an ongoing basis. There is no need to take any breaks.


After analyzing forums and online stores, you can see that most of the reviews left by athletes are positive. Athletes are completely satisfied with the high quality, performance and affordable cost of the supplement. This made these amino acids one of the most sought after.

Many users report that the capsules are quite difficult to swallow. If such discomfort arises, you can switch to a powdery form, but there is a high probability that the complex will contain flavors and flavoring fillers.