How to build muscle at home?

To begin with, only beginners will be able to see the effect of muscle growth from home workouts . Moreover, only those beginners who do not have problems with being overweight, and belong to the ectomorphic or mesomorphic body type.

For those who are overweight and belong to endomorphs, a small increase in muscle mass will not play a significant difference – it will simply not be visible under the muscle fat. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to first go on a diet.

Why can only a beginner be able to pump up at home?

In order for muscles to grow, they need an ever-increasing load. Starting with exercises with body weight, you can make significant progress in just six months, reaching exercises with dumbbells weighing 20-30 kg.

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If your home gym consists of a pair of light dumbbells and a horizontal bar, then after a couple of months this load will not be enough for you. Undoubtedly, the muscles will tone up, but you should not expect noticeable changes in physique and volume.

Pectoral muscles at home

The first mistake people make at home is the sheer number of repetitions. For example, they perform push-ups from the floor 50-70 times. Unfortunately, this only burns muscle, and it takes heavy weight and low reps to grow (no more than 15).

If you want to pump up your chest with push-ups, first do the dumbbell press, and then, when the pectoral muscles are tired enough, do 10-12 repetitions of the reverse push-ups (with the legs raised) at a very slow pace.

Home workout program

FitSeven has already written about a home dumbbell workout program . It is important to add that this program is recommended only for beginners, for the rest it is suitable only as a general warm-up, but not as a way to seriously pump up.

Only by purchasing a real barbell and a set of weights can you seriously change your body at home. In the first step, we recommend the basic program, and then the muscle program as a basis, which will vary according to your needs.

Serious Workout – Home Barbell

For a serious home workout, you’ll need an Olympic barbell and a set of weights that can be loaded to at least 100kg. In addition, you will need a bench with a variable angle of inclination, and, of course, a barbell holder.

This set will allow you to do all the basic exercises – squats, bench press, standing press, deadlifts and deadlifts. By the time you reach a working weight of 100 kg in any of these exercises, you have already seriously changed your figure.

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How to make a gym at home?

In addition to a barbell and a set of pancakes for it, you will definitely need a cardio equipment for warm-up and cool-down. A rowing machine is the ideal choice for active recovery in the upper body.

When choosing between an exercise bike and an ellipsoid, the latter should be preferred. We also do not recommend buying various exotic trainers in the spirit of a “powerful rider” – an ordinary ellipsoid will do its job much better.

Diet for muscle growth at home

If you train with light dumbbells, then no diet or sports nutrition will be able to give significant muscle gain. If you are doing a barbell, then a high protein diet will significantly accelerate muscle growth.

Speaking about relief, a flat stomach and weight loss, remember that only diet plays a decisive role in these cases. Even without extra cardio, you will lose weight by following the correct diet and cutting your daily calorie intake by 20%.