Whey Pro is free from extraneous additives and is designed for athletes who are gaining lean muscle mass. Its main advantage is the minimal content of carbohydrates, fats and the complete absence of sugar. Sports nutrition is taken not only to build up additional mass, but also during the drying period.

The effect of taking

A sports supplement has many benefits. The use of sports food has the following positive effects:

  • suppresses catabolic processes and improves the quality of recovery after training;
  • provides a good increase in muscle mass without excess fat and increases strength indicators;
  • increases endurance and performance on high intensity workouts.

In addition, the complex makes it possible to receive additional nutrition for muscle fibers during drying.

How to take Whey Pro from Genetic Lab

Is it harmful to take protein at night

The manufacturer’s experts recommend drinking 2-3 dosages of the supplement per day. It all depends on how much the athlete needs protein. To make a protein shake, a scoop (33 g) of protein is diluted with water or low-fat milk. Enough 250-350 ml of liquid. The best time to take is considered the morning, as well as an hour before training or immediately after the end of the session.

To enhance the effect obtained from taking the supplement, experienced athletes combine the product with other drugs. Genetic Lab experts recommend the following combinations:

  • to burn excess subcutaneous fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, the drug is best drunk with L-Carnitine 2500;
  • to improve recovery processes and increase endurance during training, sports nutrition is combined with a BCAA complex, for example, with BCAA PRO, which allows you to better suppress catabolism.

Pure protein can be taken on a regular basis. Athletes do not need to take breaks or cycling. The supplement does not produce any side effects. It is completely safe. In rare cases, the complex causes digestive problems. If this happens, they refuse to accept the product.


The supplement is inferior in popularity to similar products from the American companies Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, but in online stores, as well as on various forums, you can find a large number of reviews regarding the effectiveness of the product. Despite this, many athletes use this protein complex, choosing the most optimal option for themselves. The comments on the action of this sports food are mostly positive.

The supplement is available in ten different variations. These are vanilla, strawberry, orange, banana-strawberry, chocolate, caramel-hazelnut, coconut, neutral flavors, as well as pina colada and cookies. Not everyone is very popular. Judging by the reviews, most often athletes purchase a version with a neutral taste. First, it is cheaper. Secondly, it does not contain unnecessary chemicals.