What constitutes effective training?

  • 50% – food and sleep
  • 30% – full return in training
  • 15% is the optimal training frequency
  • 5% – training program.

Eating and sleeping – 50%

Without energy, you won’t be able to exercise, and without protein, your muscles won’t have the material to grow. It is important to keep track of your daily calorie intake – if you eat more, you will gain fat, if you eat less, you will not be able to exercise.

Protein shakes are useful for those who find it difficult to get their daily protein intake from food. And the so-called night protein (casein) will deactivate the processes of muscle breakdown during sleep – after all, at night the body no longer has where to get energy from.

How to Train at Home

Full return in training – 30%

With strength training (especially in the case of a basic training program for mass ), micro-damage occurs in the muscle tissue, healing them, the body makes the muscle larger in order to prepare for the next load and avoid this damage. In other words, muscle growth is impossible without stress.

If you come to the gym and work with a small weight for hours, and the next morning you do not feel a pleasant pain in the muscle, you have been training poorly. In training, you should really be tired and give 120% of your best.

Optimal training frequency – 15%

Exercising once a week, you will not achieve much – roughly speaking, the body “forgets” that the muscles have received microstress, and simply does not include the growth processes. The opposite situation – too frequent training exhausts the body and reduces immunity.

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Again, sports supplements come to the rescue – with adequate intake of protein, BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and vitamins, the body recovers faster and you can exercise more often.

Training program – 5%

You may ask why the training program is in the last place in importance. In fact, it’s just because it’s not so important what you do in your workout – it’s more important that you give it your best.

Even the most effective program can be spoiled by low loads and poor technique of execution, while with the right technique and heavy loads, almost any training yields results if the rules mentioned above are followed.


But what about genetics?

Individuals are important, but everything can be changed. Yes, someone’s body recovers faster and that person may exercise more often – but you can take BCAAs and also recover faster and exercise more.

Yes, someone’s body assimilates nutrients better, and you have a fast metabolism, and every kilogram is difficult for you – but you can increase your intake of proteins, vitamins and other substances that enhance the absorption of food.