Being engaged in bodybuilding , a person does not always strive to conquer the top of sports Olympus. 95% of bodybuilders do not participate in competitive bodybuilding . In the vast majority of cases, bodybuilding is associated with aesthetic body beauty, attractiveness, and a healthy lifestyle . All this can be achieved at home, since many exercises are easily emulated by simple shells that you can easily and cost-effectively equip your own home with. In this article we will try to prove that bodybuilding at home is real .

Bodybuilding at Home – Benefits

So you’ve decided to do bodybuilding at home. This approach, of course, has a number of advantages: you can do the exercises at any convenient time, the duration of the workouts is determined only by your needs, and, finally, no one will intercept the barbell right under your nose and settle on the bench while you decide to work out. bench press . Bodybuilding at home is an opportunity to prove your independence from the artificial world of services. And finally, bodybuilding at home is a savings that can be spent on other needs.

Another benefit is the ability to experiment. After reading the article on how to do a snatch correctly , a person may decide to try it, but the gym is not the best place to experiment. Few people enjoy trying a new exercise in front of many witnesses.

There is a chance that something will be done wrong – people are afraid to seem ridiculous. But at home you can try out any new exercise or even a whole program. You can be wrong without worrying about what other people think about it. If you’re alone, it’s very easy to focus on each rep and hone your form. You can try a new technique – for example, very slow or very fast reps, or do sets without rest and then evaluate the result.

Disadvantages of doing bodybuilding at home 

Bodybuilding at home will make you face the need to purchase equipment, it will take time and effort to create your own equipment. An experienced coach will not help you, so you will have to learn everything yourself. On the other hand, a coach or an experienced athlete can be invited to help at home.

When using improvised means, there is an increased risk of injury . Safety is a major concern for solo trainers. Since there is no safety net, some exercises will have to be avoided or performed with moderate weights. Number one in this category is the bench press . Most of the trainees at home get injured in this exercise. Therefore it is recommended to use a power frame. Not necessarily huge, but just enough to hold the weights you are working with, or use dumbbells . Therefore, be careful, act methodically and reasonably, do not rush things.

Bodybuilding at home: five must-haves 


If you seriously decide that bodybuilding at home is right for you, then the first thing to start with is mastering the theory. And since you are already reading this article, we can say that you are on the right track. Do not limit yourself to short articles, read the literature (a whole section of SportsWiki is devoted to this) in order to understand the mechanisms of muscle growth, determine the characteristics of your body, and penetrate into the subtleties of the physiology of the body. You cannot succeed if you cannot find or create a suitable training program for yourself, and this is possible only if you have a high level of knowledge of the theory of bodybuilding. In addition, the Internet is now replete with a large number of video tutorials that you can also adopt.


Be clear about your goals: body shape, muscle gain, fat loss, and so on. Obviously, certain muscle groups will require increased attention, others less, all this should be taken into account when drawing up a program and purchasing or building sports equipment .


It is necessary to draw up a clear training plan, bodybuilding at home assumes that you independently develop a training program for yourself , and include there not only a list of exercises, the number of approaches and repetitions , but also the schedule of the whole day: sleep, work, study and, which is very important, diet and sports nutrition .

Preparing the premises 

Even in the smallest apartment there is a corner for organizing a home gym. The minimum space to make bodybuilding a reality at home is 9 square meters. There should be no furniture or other household items with sharp edges around, free the floor and cover it with a carpet or, ideally, a carpet. It is advisable to hang a mirror on the wall so that you can see at least the upper half of the body. Don’t forget about music, place sound sources around the periphery. The room in which the home gym is located should be ventilated and well lit.

If there are small children and curious pets, then it is necessary to provide for the possibility of blocking their access to the home gym to avoid injury. An excellent option for a home gym is an insulated and heated loggia.