MuscleTech’s Platinum Multivitamin is formulated with amino acids. The sports supplement was specially developed for those who lead an active lifestyle with regular physical activity. The main advantage of the complex is the natural base and the absence of synthetic components. Especially the drug becomes indispensable in the cold season, when the body becomes especially susceptible to colds against the background of a weakening of the body’s protective functions.

The effect of taking

Taking a multivitamin supplement helps:

  • acceleration of metabolism – metabolism;
  • increase in strength indicators;
  • stimulating the growth of muscle tissue;
  • suppression of catabolic processes;
  • improving recovery after heavy training loads;
  • drawing the relief of the muscles;
  • improving the protective functions of the body.

The manufacturer guarantees an overall improvement in well-being and health.

How to use

The manufacturer’s experts recommend sticking to a daily dosage of three pills. The tablets are recommended to be consumed simultaneously with meals and washed down with a glass of still water. The duration of the course should be from 4 to 6 weeks, and then a similar break should be taken.

To increase the effectiveness of the vitamin and mineral sports supplement, the complex is taken with another sports food. These can be proteins, gainers, creatine, as well as drugs designed to restore damaged joints and ligaments. The manufacturer’s experts advise the following bundles:

  • With a high-calorie gainer for better muscle gain without excess subcutaneous fat, such as Mass Gainer .
  • With whey protein to improve lean mass growth and strength, such as Platinum 100% Whey.

The supplement is completely safe, no side effects have been reported from taking Platinum Multivitamin. Individuals may have an individual intolerance to one of the components present in the composition.


After analyzing various sports forums, online stores specializing in the sale of sports nutrition, you can find a lot of reviews about this drug. Most are overwhelmingly positive. Athletes note that the supplement is highly effective and of high quality, does not cause any side effects, contains many useful and valuable components, and is notable for its affordable cost. Some write about the supplement in comparison with other vitamin complexes, which is not entirely correct, since it is the unique composition of Platinum Multivitamin that makes the drug so effective and effective.