Vitamin-mineral complex Multivitamin, produced by the American company Biotech USA, has a tablet form. Its main purpose is to improve well-being, the general tone of the body, and to restore the performance of athletes during training. The main advantage of the product is its high absorption rate and affordable cost in comparison with analogues. This supplement will be especially useful in the autumn and winter seasons, when the body of athletes needs protection from colds and support of the protective functions of the body.


The recommended serving of the mineral and vitamin supplement is two tablets. It contains the following ingredients:

  • vitamin C – 300 mg;
  • vitamin E – 100 mg;
  • group of B vitamins – more than 200 mg;
  • zinc – 25 mg;
  • calcium – 200 mg.

A more detailed composition is spelled out in the picture. The complex contains no preservatives, dyes, chemical compounds that have a negative effect on the health of the athlete.

How to take Multivitamin

How to take Multivitamin

The manufacturer’s experts recommend taking the complexes once a day, that is, 2 pills during a meal with a glass of water. The duration of one course is 4 weeks. Next, take a similar break. Experienced athletes combine supplementation with other sports nutrition. Vitamins are combined with almost any training complex.

To build muscle mass, you should take a supplement with a protein shake, gainer, creatine monohydrate. When the main goal is to lose body fat, add vitamins to pre-workout complexes, fat burners, amino acid shakes. Sports nutrition is absolutely safe for health, does not cause any side effects. The main thing is not to take it with other vitamins. Otherwise, there will be an overdose.


The American company Biotech USA is a recognized leader in the production of sports nutrition of the highest quality and effectiveness. After analyzing the reviews available on the Internet, it is safe to say that most athletes describe this drug as a truly effective remedy. The main advantages of the complex are that it is distinguished by a high rate of assimilation, the absence of side effects, but at the same time it has an affordable cost.

It should be noted that multivitamin supplements taken over the course of a month may not show any truly strong effect. An exception is when the athlete was deficient in nutrients prior to consuming. For the most part, this complex allows you to maintain the protective functions of the body in the cold season, when the body is most vulnerable.