The reverse grip dumbbell press is one of the auxiliary exercises for the bench press, invented by the American school of powerlifting. It promotes the development of all three triceps heads and helps develop flexure. Well, for aesthetics, this movement also plays an important role. Without it, you cannot build beautiful and voluminous hands.

Execution technique

Execution technique

Initial position

  • The athlete places dumbbells on the hips;
  • Lies down on the bench;
  • Brings the weight up with your hips up to the top of the bench press;
  • Either the assistants give him dumbbells upstairs.


  • Bend your arms at the elbow and lower your weight onto your chest;
  • Work in such a way that the forearms move along the body;
  • Lower the dumbbells to your chest;
  • Squeeze the dumbbells up with the triceps;
  • The palm is directed towards the head during the bench press.


  • The exercise is not aimed at training the bridge, but at developing the triceps. You can make a slight deflection in the back to protect the shoulders, but you should not purposefully perform the exercise only at the expense of the bridge;
  • The movement should not be performed in jerks, it is done smoothly and uniformly;
  • You should not bring the weight due to the impulse from your feet, even if you choose to rest your feet on the floor and shoulder blades on the bench, you do not need to additionally push your feet off the floor.
  • Try to do without prohibitive weights in this exercise, it is not invented for setting power records. It is for slow and isolated triceps work.


  • Warm your wrists and shoulders thoroughly before approach. Many people face a problem when lowering dumbbells due to insufficient amplitude in movement;
  • Use wrist wraps if there is wrist discomfort.

Execution options

  • Press with elbows apart . This bench press focuses more on the triceps than on the front delta. It is not indicated for those who, due to the structural features of the shoulder, cannot lower the dumbbells to their full amplitude in this position;
  • Reverse Grip Barbell Press . There are benchers who find it more convenient to work in a competitive exercise in this way. But the reverse grip barbell press is not recognized by most powerlifting federations. That does not prevent him from being a good auxiliary exercise and helping in muscle development.