Double crunches

Double crunches on the floor on the press are universal. They engage the rectus abdominis muscle along their entire length, allow you to regulate the load, and are available even for those without equipment. Double crunches help work the abs and can be done every day at home. How do you make them right?

Execution technique

Execution technique

Initial position

  • Lie on the floor on a rubber mat;
  • If there is no rug, spread something like a mat or bedspread for furniture, but not a towel – it can stray to the sides and rub;
  • Place your feet at a distance of 15 cm from the buttocks;
  • Pull in your stomach so that the lower back is completely pressed against the floor;
  • Move your fingers to your temples, spread your elbows to the sides.


  • As you exhale, pull your stomach inward, and twist your lower ribs to your pelvic bones;
  • The head and shoulders are lifted off the floor;
  • Heels and pelvis too, stretch your knees to your shoulders;
  • While inhaling, return to the starting position.


  • Do not try to rest your chin on your chest. In this exercise, a simple rule works – you should always have a distance between your chest and chin, approximately equal to your fist with clenched fingers;
  • Do not swing your legs back and forth;
  • Don’t lie relaxed on the floor between reps.


  • You can use additional weights. For the top of the body – a pancake from the bar, removing it behind the head, for the legs – clamp the same pancake or medball between the knees. Some athletes use ankle weights;
  • Work on the press without weights is performed until a significant burning sensation in the muscles is felt;
  • The pelvis should only slightly come off the floor and, as it were, twist inward. You should not tear it off with a sharp swinging movement, as well as throw your heels up and bring it out into the birch

Execution options

  • This exercise has several variations in performance, both depending on the starting position and depending on the position of the legs.
  • In the starting position, raise your legs, the lower leg is perpendicular to the floor, push with your heels up, twisting your pelvis as if inward. The body works as mentioned above, that is, the lower ribs are brought to the pelvic bones;
  • The arms are crossed and behind the head. So the lever lengthens and the upper body becomes less comfortable to rise, the shoulders do not fall to the floor.