#1. More workouts – more results

The time required for muscle recovery depends on a number of parameters (training experience, nutrition, level of exertion, and so on), but in most cases it varies from 48 to 72 hours, and more frequent training is only harmful. Especially for the basic weight training program .

Exercising five to six times a week will exhaust your body by slowing down muscle growth. In addition, unnecessarily long workouts are also harmful, since after 45-50 minutes the level of the stress hormone cortisol rises sharply.

# 2. It is important to perform “to failure”

Despite the fact that classical bodybuilding theory strictly requires this, achieving a point of “failure” in each exercise (a state after which you can not complete a single additional repetition) you significantly increase the risk of injury.

Indeed, the first rule of muscle growth is the use of extreme working weights, but moving on to numbers, it turns out that 60-80% of the number of one maximum repetition is needed, and a constant increase in working weight is much more important.

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# 3. No pain – no muscle growth

The muscle pain that occurs after strength training is not at all a mandatory sign that the body is starting the process of muscle growth. It is wrong to think that if there is no pain on the next day after training, then there is no growth either.

Most often, mild, a kind of “itchy” muscle pain is associated with toxins and lactic acid accumulated during exercise. Both active recovery techniques and sports massage will help get rid of this pain.

#4. Lose weight and swing at the same time

Combining strength training with cardio loads in order to simultaneously get rid of fat and gain muscle mass is an exclusively theoretical idea, absolutely not implemented in practice, no matter how your coach assures you of this.

Usually, the body works in one mode, and either increases body weight or decreases it. He cannot work selectively, nor can he use the energy of fat deposits to perform strength training (“melt fat into muscles”).

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#5. Warming up reduces the risk of injury

Performing unconnected limb movements (“ballistic warm-up”) before starting a workout does not have any advantages, and stretching on cold muscles can be simply traumatic, since it is fraught with tissue rupture.

Warming up before strength training is not at all necessary if you are working with medium weights or doing circuit training. Heavy basic exercises require preparation, but this is usually a repetition with a lighter weight.

# 6. New techniques are more effective than old ones

If the question of the influence of strength training on muscle growth from a hormonal point of view is currently not fully investigated, then the mechanism of the influence of various types of strength training on muscle growth has been clear to science for the last 50 years.

Emerging “newest” training methods are usually known for a long time, albeit in a different version (examples are  isometric and hypoxic training). At the same time, it is obvious that they cannot compare in efficiency with basic training.

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# 7. The best training program

Despite the fact that the basic program gives positive results in the form of an increase in muscle mass in the overwhelming percentage of beginners, it is a mistake to consider it the only correct one, since everyone has their own best training program.

The success of the training largely depends not on the training program itself, but on its psychological component – on how comfortable it is for you to carry out this particular program. It is very important to enjoy the training.