The importance of nutrition for muscles

FitSeven has already covered the main mistakes that interfere with muscle growth: lack of calories and protein, too much cardio, the wrong program, and too much attention to detail. But knowledge of all these points does not exclude one more global error.

Despite the fact that everyone understands that protein is needed for muscle growth (and some know that also carbohydrates), few people think about where the body gets energy from for strength training. Plus, most people believe that regular food is a universal solution.

Poll results

Most people think that the body is able to build muscles “out of thin air”, that no special supplements are needed for training, and regular food is enough. A poll of readers showed that more than 50% do not take any sports nutrition.

The importance of nutrition after exercise is known to 43% of those surveyed who take protein after exercise. But even more important is where the body gets energy for this workout – and only 3% answered that they care about special nutrition before exercise.

Exercise glycogen

For a full-fledged workout, an athlete’s body needs about 150 grams of glucose. Translated into regular products, this is a pack of dry pasta, which can be difficult to exercise after eating. Covering this amount of carbohydrates is much easier with sports nutrition.

Many trainees, and especially beginners, stubbornly ignore this fact, and try to train on an empty stomach after a working day, when there is no glucose or energy in the body. As a result, they get dizziness or even fainting.

Exercise without energy

If you don’t take care of pre-replenishing nutrients, normal stores will run out within minutes of starting a workout, and the body will begin to break down its own muscles to handle the stress you put it on.

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The exceptional availability of sufficient glycogen stores will allow you to train effectively, which, in turn, will trigger muscle growth mechanisms through the production of hormones. And only at this stage can you remember about the enhanced nutrition for the growth of these same muscles.

What is the difference between an athlete’s body?

The main difference between the body of an ordinary person and the body of an athlete is how efficiently the body converts the energy of food into energy that can be used for training. The beginner’s body simply does not have reserves for training.

Gradually, the body learns to store energy in the muscles so that it can be used for strength training. The more energy stores are stored in the form of glycogen, the more stress a person can withstand, and the stronger the impulse for muscle growth will be.

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Nutrition during exercise

Eating a huge amount of carbohydrates before and during workout tricks the body to some extent, making it possible to train more efficiently than your own reserves allow. The body gradually adapts, expanding its energy stores more and more.

Often, beginners avoid every extra gram of carbs for fear of gaining fat. But it’s important to understand that effective strength training burns up to 150 grams. carbohydrates, which in itself is a huge number. Plus, the body learns to use energy in a different way.

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What if there is no way to eat like that?

Just as it is impossible to combine weight loss training with weight gain training, it is also impossible to combine weight training and regular nutrition. Either eat so that your muscles grow, or do your workouts in a light gym mode.

Neither a basic weight training program , nor other programs, will give significant results if you do not think about where the body gets energy and glucose for these workouts, or believe that one serving of protein and five grams of “magic BCAA” is enough.