Ling on your side leg raises is an exercise for your core and obliques. It also uses the gluteus medius bundle. The movement includes work and hips as well. Exercise is used both in gymnastics, Pilates and shaping, and as an additional exercise in fitness. Many people say that lifting two legs can make a waist, but in reality this is not the case. The exercise is recommended as a formative and building general physical fitness.

Execution technique

Execution technique

  • Lie on the floor, straighten your legs, the supporting arm is stretched out under the finished one, the “upper” one is directed straight in front of you. The body is straight, there is no flexion in the hip joint. This is the starting position, you should return to it after each repetition of the exercise;
  • On exhalation, the legs must be brought to one another and raised up;
  • While inhaling, lower yourself to the starting position, working as smoothly as possible.

Technique recommendations

  1. The exercise is a slow controlled movement, avoid jerking and jerking, try to perform the movement in such a way that it is smooth and the muscles are loaded evenly;
  2. It is not recommended to raise the legs one by one, then the priority in load will go to the gluteus medius muscle of the upper leg, and the leading muscles of the lower leg will work by inertia;
  3. The exercise may not be comfortable to perform, but you should not hold your breath. Take deep breaths and exhales, avoid overload;
  4. If, when lifting, the legs “diverge” to the sides, try to lift them smoothly and slowly;
  5. You should not bend at the hip joint and bring the hip to the stomach.


This exercise is designed to work not so much and not only the oblique muscles, but the lateral muscles that flex the spine to the sides. The tone of the buttocks, legs and oblique muscles of the press is a kind of “side effect” of the movement.

Exercise is included in rehabilitation programs and in beginner training, but it should not become basic for a person who wants to strengthen the muscles of the legs. This movement should be excluded from injuries in the lumbar spine, as well as protrusions and hernias.

Option – lifting one leg while lying on its side

lifting one leg while lying on its side

This rise was introduced into everyday life by the founder of aerobics, Jane Fonda. The exercise was performed solely as a way to create a beautiful hip and waist line. It engages the buttocks, but not as much as, for example, hip abduction. The exercise is recommended for those who do not need to gain muscle mass, but need a slight figure correction.

Sometimes movement is mistakenly considered a way of burning fat in the breeches zone. But you can’t burn fat locally.

Exercise characteristics:

  • Gymnastic, with body weight;
  • For newbies;
  • Open circuit;
  • Single-joint

Execution technique

Execution technique

  • Starting position – lying on your side, supporting arm in front of you;
  • Slowly lift your leg up, engages the hip joint as much as it is comfortable to lift the leg without pain;
  • The supporting leg does not move, flexion in the hip joint does not occur;
  • The abdominal muscles are used to stabilize the core.

The two and one leg raises in the supine position are great for those who need to work on core stabilization and overall mobility. Exercise can help relieve problems with hip mobility and lack of muscle tone.