The high-calorie Gainer complex is a sports drink taken by athletes to gain muscle mass and increase strength indicators. The product is produced by the Ukrainian brand Power Pro, the main advantage of which is its low cost relative to European and American counterparts. The gainer is high in calories and contains a large amount of fast carbohydrates. This makes it not the best choice for athletes prone to gaining extra pounds quickly. Sports nutrition, first of all, is intended for naturally thin people who experience certain problems with a set of extra pounds (ectomorphs).

How to take Power Pro Gainer

The Power Pro Gainer is recommended to be taken two to three times a day, one serving. It all depends on how much protein, carbohydrate, calories the athlete needs. The optimal time to consume the supplement is considered the period after exercise or between meals. To prepare a portion, you need to dilute 40 g of powder with 300 ml of liquid. Water or low-fat milk will do. To increase the calorie content of the cocktail, sweet fruits are added to the drink. This allows you to increase the amount of minerals and vitamins. Experienced athletes are advised to take this gainer along with other sports nutrition, which allows you to achieve better results. The most commonly used amino acid complex BCAA or creatine.

This gainer will have a powerful effect when combined with Drostanolone. Try it yourself!


Having analyzed the reviews available on various forums, sites and online stores, we can say with confidence that most of the commentators are satisfied with the result achieved. Many athletes are skeptical about domestic sports nutrition, but this gainer is unique due to its affordable cost and composition.

The gainer produced by Power Pro is available in two flavors – chocolate, banana. According to reviews, users rate both variants of the complex positively. The product is really effective and allows both training athletes and ordinary people who want to gain weight to gain weight.