The sports supplement Ostrovit Tribulus is a tribulus terrestris produced in Europe. The product is designed to improve testosterone production. Bodybuilders take this compound during the period of mass recruitment to accelerate muscle growth, increase and restore strength indicators.

The effect of taking

The use of this supplement leads to the following positive effects:

  • natural increase in the production of male hormone;
  • improvement of the concentration indicator;
  • acceleration of muscle growth;
  • increase in strength indicators;
  • stimulation of libido and sexual activity.

Taking Tribulus leads to the fact that the performance in training increases many times over.


Tribulus, manufactured by Ostrovit, contains only one component. A 1-tablet serving contains one gram of tribulus terrestris. One package contains 60 pills.

How to use

The drug is recommended to be consumed one capsule once a day, that is, one gram at a time. The maximum dosage recommended by the manufacturer is one and a half grams. A larger amount of a substance leads to various negative effects. You can take a pill absolutely at any time of the day, but after the end of the meal.

The testosterone booster is drunk in a course. The duration of one is 3-4 weeks, and then they take a break for a similar period of time. Excessive use of testosterone supplements leads to inhibition of the synthesis of the production of its own (androgenic) testosterone. The manufacturer’s experts strongly advise against neglecting the dosage and duration of administration.

To get the best out of the supplement, many bodybuilders recommend taking Tribulus in conjunction with other sports supplements aimed at increasing muscle mass and improving recovery from hard workouts.

Ostrovit experts recommend the following combinations:

  • with whey protein to enhance muscle growth and recovery;
  • with creatine monohydrate to accelerate muscle and strength gains;
  • with amino acids for a set of lean muscle mass and suppression of catabolic processes.

For best results, Tribulus should be taken with regular exercise and a high-calorie diet.

It is not recommended to take the supplement for more than six weeks. This can lead to side effects such as loss of muscle mass, deterioration of potency, depression.


Sports nutrition is quite popular and you can find reviews about it on many forums and online stores for bodybuilders. Most are positive. Athletes speak well of the high quality and effectiveness of this sports nutrition. Affordable cost is one of the main advantages.

On the Internet, there are also negative reviews about Tribulus. They write about the low efficiency of the booster. For some, it really does little to help, since it is intended for athletes with naturally high testosterone levels. For the rest of the athletes, it is better to give preference to creatine, protein and other anabolic supplements.