Push-ups from the horizontal bar at the top point is an exercise of increased complexity. To perform it, you first need to pull yourself up and take an emphasis on the horizontal bar, placing the body on top. Technically, this movement is part of getting out by force. This is how it is used. Bodybuilders find this exercise ideal for pumping your lower chest. But in fact, triceps and deltoids are involved in it.

Pros and cons of exercise

The exercise is difficult, not suitable for everyone. But he has certain advantages:

  • Allows you to train the most difficult part of the force exit and the flip lift – the upper part of the amplitude. Most athletes can pull up to the horizontal bar, but lose strength and are unable to perform push-ups;
  • It works the muscles of the shoulders and chest, as well as the triceps, but not as an isolating “builder” movement, but in a complex way – it also uses stabilizers;
  • Promotes the development of mobility of the shoulder joint;
  • Helps to develop the core – without stabilization with a press, it will not work to squeeze out;
  • Strengthens fingers and grip. Exercise for this reason helps to achieve high results in all power lines, and exercises requiring grip strength, for example, climbing a tightrope;
  • Develops agility and coordination;
  • Helps to achieve good strength performance. Despite the absence of additional burdening, it gives a good load.


  • Requires high physical fitness, not suitable for beginners who cannot pull themselves up yet;
  • It is not always optimal for the development of strength – it depends on the ratio of body weight and strength indicators;
  • It is traumatic enough if performed incorrectly;
  • Not suitable for people with problematic shoulder joints.

What muscles work

The exercise is basic and complex for the development of the shoulder girdle and muscles of the upper body:

  • Pectoral, especially the lower bundles;
  • Triceps
  • Deltoids;
  • Round muscles of the back;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Forearm muscles;
  • Press.

The biceps of the shoulder and the latissimus dorsi are used as auxiliary muscles to take the starting position.

Execution technique

Execution technique

Before starting the exercise, you should develop general physical qualities. It is advisable to start doing this movement only after the athlete can independently perform 5-6 sets of push-ups on the uneven bars in an amount of at least 8 repetitions, and the same number of pull-ups. Some people think that the numbers may be lower, but in this case it is worth doing the exercise with insurance.

  • Choose a low bar to start. The height should be such that it is not required to perform the exit by force without the help of the legs, since this part of the exercise can “steal” part of the amplitude from you;
  • Then take an emphasis on the crossbar from a jump or from an exit with force. Palms should be shoulder-width apart, fingers directed forward and grab the horizontal bar;
  • Go down by bending at the elbows, touch the crossbar with your chest;
  • With the strength of the pectoral muscles and triceps, do the exit with an upward force and straighten
  • Perform the required number of repetitions.

Push-ups on the horizontal bar

Ideally, you do not need to use “schemes” from the Internet. The problem with them is that most people do not grow linearly in strength. It is effective to perform a number of push-ups that would correspond to a state of moderate fatigue.

You need to start with 3-5 repetitions in 5-6 approaches with an interval that would correspond to full recovery. Continue – adding 1-2 repetitions per week. But such an increase is not always possible due to the fact that power lines do not grow linearly. You need to strive to perform 12 or more repetitions.

On the Internet, schemes are common in which from 1 week to 12, 1-12 repetitions are performed in the approach. You should only use them if you are not experiencing symptoms of overtraining.

Training Implementation Recommendations

If the athlete trains with iron too, and does not exclusively use street workout, he needs to start with a regular push-up as a warm-up, then do all the working sets of push-ups from the horizontal bar, and then move on to dumbbell presses and other strength exercises.

In street workout, this push-up may well be the second exercise in a workout, especially if the workout includes pull-ups. In the event that push-ups on the uneven bars are trained, it is better for beginners to include push-ups from the horizontal bar in another session.


  • Thoroughly knead the shoulder joint before starting a workout, there are not many rotations;
  • Perform a reasonable number of repetitions, avoid the situation of loss of control over the position of the joint, and fatigue of the stabilizing muscles;
  • Eliminate buildup and cheating;
  • Alternate exercise with regular push-ups and push-ups on the uneven bars;
  • Advanced can use the weight attached to the belt.


Movement is challenging, but incorporating it into your training plan provides many benefits. Exercise allows you to get rid of stiffness in the shoulder joint, helps to improve dexterity, coordination, and teach muscles to work together. Provides high-quality development of the upper shoulder girdle and beautiful muscle relief.