Multifunctional tablets Arthro Guard, produced by the American company Biotech USA, are designed to strengthen and improve ligaments and joints. The active ingredients of the drug are glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, calcium. The product is intended not only for professional athletes, but also for amateur athletes. It is specially designed for those who train with heavy weights.

The main feature of the drug is that it reduces pain in the joints due to the rapid restoration of cartilage tissue. The tool can be taken not only by athletes. It is taken as a prophylaxis against joint diseases.

How to take Biotech Arthro Guard

How to use

The recommended dosage for use is three pills. The daily rate is divided between the main meals, that is, one tablet at breakfast, lunch, dinner. The drug should be taken with a large glass of water. One package is enough for a course appointment equal to a month. Then it is recommended to take a monthly break for several weeks.

Taking the drug does not cause any side effects. It is safe and can be used in combination with other sports nutrition. Experienced athletes even recommend doing just that. The best combination is considered to be combined with Vitabolic and Multivitamin .

Arthro Guard does not give the desired effect without a well-structured diet and training process, as well as good recovery after exertion. For the drug to bring good results, vitamins, minerals, proteins must be present in the daily menu. Equally important is the correct approach to lifting weights, that is, the use of safety equipment, safety net from a partner. Recovery should consist not only of rest between classes, but also a good sleep duration – at least 8 hours.


Complexes for the restoration of joints and ligaments are less popular than amino acid, protein. There are few reviews of this and similar drugs. There are not many comments from buyers, but most athletes are satisfied with the result.

The main advantage noted by users is a balanced and carefully thought-out composition, American quality, and affordable cost. In the reviews, many write that the effect is observed after a month’s course. Athletes note an improvement in the condition of joints and ligaments, a decrease in pain.